Minoxidil Shampoo

Notion has it that hair loss is associated with age but the truth is oldness is not a reason for such a problem and it can start at an early age. There might be many such reasons for hair fall, from mental tension, to irregularity in the body and even hereditary.  Different products with varied compositions are available in a plenty in the market but some might or might not suit.

Minoxidil shampoos are one such dermatologically tested product that helps in treating hair loss problems.

Benefits of this shampoo

It is a solution used initially for treating patients with blood pressure but it later on became an effective resolution to hair loss. It is not only FDA proved but is now-a-days applied in many shampooing and hair loss therapy produces. The content in this solution is potassium based one which helps in prevention of baldness and hair fall in men and women respectively.

Minoxidil ShampooIt works in reducing the process of hair falls giving over-all coverage to the scalp.  It works in a varied manner by producing new hair from the roots. It expands the blood vessels accelerating the hair growth process and in the manner giving the hair gland a cushion which in turn prevents the hair loss.

Usage of this product

The working of this product is a time taking process which doesn’t work wonders in a couple of wash. It may take quite a long time before the effects show up. It is thoroughly advised by the experts that the individual should be patient enough to reap the benefits.

The exact working pattern of this product is not yet explained properly. But it is believed that the blood increase in the hair sac might be the reason for such an overwhelming effect.

Proportions of such usage

There is a particular proportion in the usage of such product. The usage is based on the type of hair fall depending on the gender of the individual. According to the experts the best proportion for women is taking a maximum of 2% of the solution for better results as more than the preferred proportion will not only lead to facial hair growth but will not earn the desired benefits.

Men on the other hand are recommended to opt for maximum amount of 5% as choosing less than this won’t bring about satisfactory results.

Side effects of this solution

It can also have side effects on the individual though not many people have experienced this problem but still there are chances for the same.

There are plenty of products available in the market infused with this solution some of them are mention below:

•    Prominox Hair Growth Shampoo by BH Naturals

It can be used by both men and women and is very mild on the hair. It not only promotes hair growth but also leaves a shiny glow in the same. Prominox hair growth solutions manufactures hair fall prevention products like, conditioner, hair loss vitamins, stimulator, and leave in hair loss conditioner for better coverage. Regular usage of this product could be very useful for you.

•    Equate hair treatment for women

It is a three month supply pack which helps in the hair growth in women. Applying it regularly according to the prescribed usage of 2% could prevent hair loss.

•    Hair growth solution by Rogaine (for women)

It is another FDA approved hair fall solution product available in the market.  And a number 1 dermatologist suggested hair produce for women.

•    Men’s Hair treatment foam for Kirland

This is a hair loss treatment available for men. It provides a 6 month supply of the same and should be used accordingly for six months to see amazing results

•    Hair regrowth solution by Actavis for men

It is one of most preferred hair loss solution available for men. Twice usage of this product daily will improve hair growth. But is advised to wait patiently for some months to get effective results.

Hair loss problem is increasing with time, the stress level and body ailments have triggered this depressing problem immensely.  If you too have been suffering from hair loss problems then Minoxidil Shampoo is the right solution for you.